Andrew BentThis report highlights our key Corporate Responsibility (CR) achievements in 2013/14. We have taken into account the views and feedback of our customers and stakeholders in developing the report and have had it independently assured to meet the highest standards expected of CR reporting.

As a FTSE 100 company with a 5,000 plus strong workforce and a major, multi-billion pound investment programme, the way we act as a business has a profound influence on the social, economic and environmental well-being of our region.

We are determined to play our part in a sustainable and more prosperous North West through a socially and environmentally responsible approach to our day-to-day activities, and by helping the communities we serve.

For us it’s about five key things:

  • providing a great service to our customers
  • protecting and enhancing our environment
  • actively supporting our local communities
  • supporting our employees to achieve their full potential in a safe workplace
  • delivering good value to stakeholders and managing our supply chain fairly

Our approach is working, and external organisations who measure these things agree. In 2013/14, we retained 'world class’ status in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the seventh consecutive year and for the first time we became industry leaders.  We also maintained our ‘Platinum Big Tick’ status in Business in the Community’s Corporate Responsibility Index

To reduce our carbon footprint, we have produced the report exclusively online. While there is an option on the home page to print a full or summary report, please only do so if absolutely necessary!

This report complements our Annual Report by providing more detailed information on corporate responsibility.

If you would like to send us a comment about this report, please email our Head of Sustainability, Chris Matthews