Stakeholder engagementWe play an important role in the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of the region, and as such, we have a diverse range of stakeholders – from local authorities to charities, environmental groups to investors.

We are committed to engaging stakeholders in our planning and strategic development, to make sure our business direction reflects their priorities, and the customers they represent.

Engagement needs to be a continual process, rather than a one-off exercise. Our processes reflect best practice within the water industry and wider service industry, and ensure views and opinions are sought from a wide range of organisations and individuals across the whole of the region.

We use a wide range of methods to reach our stakeholders, including focus groups, workshops, formal research and the myriad of conversations which take place between our employees, partners and customers on a daily basis.

In the past year, we have been working closely with our stakeholders on our Strategic Direction Statement – an outline of our investment priorities and service standards for the next 25 years. This document provides a roadmap for the business, and involving stakeholders in the process underlines our commitment to allowing a diverse range of groups to help shape our future plans.

You can find out more about our Strategic Direction Statement here.

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