YammerIn 2013, we introduced Yammer, a social network used within businesses, to add to the mix of channels we use to engage with our 5,000 plus employees.

Increasingly, employees need to be able to share and receive news and information ‘on the go’ and in real time, to keep up to date with what is happening across the company and in their area.

Yammer was introduced to supplement our intranet and sharepoint pages and has steadily grown in popularity. From a ‘soft’ launch, there are now more than 2,700 members – around half of our employee base.

Colleagues from all roles and areas of the business use it to share news, updates, best practice or to stimulate comment and discussion. New members are joining daily.

And we’re making increasing use of other forms of digital communications to bring employee content to life. For example, our quarterly internal magazine now features the layar app - which allows employees to use their smartphones to hover over an article and view supporting video footage.

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