We operate our business to several internationally recognised management standards covering quality management (ISO9001), Environmental Management (ISO14001) and health and safety management (OHSAS18001). We pride ourselves on running our business in a way that allows us to maintain accreditation to these standards.

Our certifications are scrutinised on a regular basis by external auditors to ensure we meet the requirements of the standards. These audits include documentation reviews, office based interviews and site visits involving employees from all parts of the business.

Our most recent external audit of our joint management system covering ISO9001 & ISO14001 raised no corrective actions and saw us retain our certification for a further three years.

We also run a rigorous programme of internal audits which cut right through almost every aspect of our business, ensuring we adhere to the standards and continually improve.

We continue to drive forward our own innovations when it comes to monitoring and reporting across these vital areas. In August 2013, for example, we brought the majority of our audit and assurance activity under one team. This allowed us to enhance our audit capability and provide consistency in the management of our quality assurance and quality systems.

The finding of our audits are communicated regularly to our board, and our performance in the delivery of actions arising from our audit findings is monitored and reviewed closely by the senior management team.

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