Training centre underconstructinWork is now underway to transform a redundant engineering building at Bolton waste water treatment works into a state of the art training facility.

The new centre, already christened Bolton Technical Training Centre, is scheduled to open in December 2014. Boasting room for 48 people, four classrooms and a large workshop and training area, it will primarily be used to deliver health and safety and technical training to colleagues.

Having the centre on one of our operational sites is a big advantage, allowing us to mix theory with practical application.

Phil White, technical and health and safety training manager said: “Currently, the majority of our health, safety and technical training is provided by third parties.

“Being able to move this in house will save us money and mean our training can be based around specific business needs and related to our strategy and values.

“Bolton Technical Training Centre is a massive step for us and will greatly improve the learning experience of all colleagues who step through the door.”

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