The table below shows how we have performed in two key external indices of responsible business behaviour, over the past four years.

External Benchmark Annual Target 2013/2014 2012/2013 2011/2012 2010/2011
Dow Jones Sustainability Index score Retain world class status  World Class**     84% World Class
World Class
World Class
Business in the Community Retain Platinum Big Tick Platinum Big Tick Platinum Big Tick * Platinum Plus * Platinum Plus

* Platinum Big Tick replaced Platinum Plus in 2013

** Industry leader

Measures and targets

For each of the thirty one commitments in our Business Principles we have selected 33 measures and targets so we can demonstrate the progress we are making in meeting these commitments.  These measures cover the performance of the whole business (unless otherwise stated).

Most of our targets have been set for 2015 so by publically setting out our intentions, we can demonstrate to our stakeholders the steps we are taking to ensure we operate in the most responsible manner.

The table below provides a summary of how we have performed to date. For more detail on each aspect of our Business Principles, please use the links below.

RAG Performace

Business Principle Area Number of measures Red Amber Green New Overall RAG Performance
Customer 4   4 Green
Environment 13 2 11   Amber
Communities 5   4 2 Green
Employees 3   3   Green
Delivering good value 8     8 Green
Overall 33 0 2 29 2 Amber

RAG Performance - Red, Amber, Green

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