Pull printingIn an organisation of our size, office printer use plays a significant role in our energy and raw materials consumption.

Following a business-wide assessment of our office printer environment, we concluded that a new, company-wide printer strategy could generate significant cost savings, improve staff productivity, reduce wastage and enhance the user experience.  It would also bring visibility to what has traditionally been an uncontrolled and unquantified area of the business.

In 2013, we began to trial a new approach, aimed at reducing the waste generated by unnecessary printing.

As part of the new approach, employees are required to log on at the printer, to activate their requested print. This alleviates waste incurred from printed documents which are never collected from the printer – an all too common scenario!

We trialled the new approach from October 2013 within one floor of our head office site, responsible for 8 per cent of our total print volume. It was a huge success, resulting in a 14 per cent reduction in print volume, a reduction in the total number of printers (from 33 to 9), 53 per cent reduction in energy consumption and a reduction in paper consumption of 21,000 sheets.  Crucially, employees were extremely supportive of the move.

Following the success of the trial, a programme is now underway to roll this solution out across the whole head office site in Warrington. We are optimistic that the waste reduction generated during our pilot can be replicated across the whole of the site – generating impressive annual savings.

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